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06 Apr

Bresaola: Attempt 2

I was looking through my projects in charcuterie in the past year, and there has been lots of successes and lessons learned. I think I've managed to benefit greatly from bumbling through all of these projects, varying from my first cured duck breast that was...

15 Feb

Hungarian Salami

After my previous successful attempt with the simplest of soppresattas, I decided to step my game up and make some Hungarian Salami. The process of making salami is largely the same, the main differences being various flavour combination. This means that the current salami attempt should...

30 Nov

Coppa Unveiling

Previously, on Curing (meat) with Kevin, we worked on some coppa. See it here! Now, after about 2.5 months, we've hit about a 35% weight loss, great news! I used sheets of dried hog casing to wrap the cured coppa, which keeps the coppa from loosing too...

04 Sep


Hello hello! This week I'm working on a coppa-like product. The coppa or capicollo is a cured pork product made from a cut that runs from back of the head to the shoulder of the pig. The reason I call what I am making coppa-ish is because the...

21 Aug

…and I’m back!

Hello hello! I am back, after a month away from the demands of the daily grind. I've been vacationing, with multiple groups of people visiting me in the beautiful city of Vancouver. I've been around the proverbial block; whale watching in Tofino, rock climbing in...

17 Jul

Liver Pate: Attempt #1

Again, in the spirit of trying new things, I attempted to make something that I've never tried before: Chicken liver pate! I've always enjoyed the unique taste of offals, and livers are one of my all time favourite cheap cuts of meats to use in cooking....

08 Jul

Lonza: an update

I find it hard to eat lots of cured meats continuously, despite it being delicious. Therefore, after I cracked open the lonza (see here for the unveiling), I put it back into the curing chamber to continue drying. After about another 2 months of drying,...