…and I’m back!

Hello hello! I am back, after a month away from the demands of the daily grind. I’ve been vacationing, with multiple groups of people visiting me in the beautiful city of Vancouver. I’ve been around the proverbial block; whale watching in Tofino, rock climbing in the coastal mountains, mountain biking on the North Shore, and hiking in the Rockies. What a month it has been!

Fear not though, I did have multiple projects on the go even though I’ve been away, highlights of which include my first beer homebrew, finishing up the cured meats that have been hanging in the fridge, making my first salami, and perfecting my sourdough. It will take a bit to write about all the exciting stuff as well as post photos of my adventures, so I beg for your patience…

That’s all for now! Expect a post soon about all the things!